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Spiritual Care at the Hospitals



If you or a family member are at the General Hospital, the Pasqua Hospital, or at the Wascana Rehabilitation Centre and would like a visit from a Catholic Chaplain, please contact them directly at the following numbers.


Catholic Chaplain for General Hospital: 306-519-1405


Catholic Chaplain for Pasqua Hospital: 306-519-1380


Catholic Chaplain for Wascana Rehabilitation Centre: 306-530-6511


Catholic Chaplains visit patients and their families to address any spiritual needs, to pray, to provide a friendly face and comforting presence, to talk about people’s fears and concerns, to bring Communion and to arrange for the anointing of the sick.


In case of emergency, patients and families can also call the hospital switchboard to request the Catholic Chaplain.


Switchboard for General Hospital: 306-766-4444


Switchboard for Pasqua Hospital: 306-766-2222


Switchboard for Wascana Rehabilitation Centre: 306-766-5100