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Resources for dealing with abuse:


Civil Resources

Resources from the Government of Saskatchewan to assist in dealing with any type of abuse of children.


Resources in the local community to assist in dealing with any type of abuse of any person of any age.



Church Resources

Bishop's delegate for victims is Fr. Brad Fahlman (306-400-3655; enquiry@archregina.sk.ca)


Legacy Ridge - Trauma Recovery & Resource Center

* Lorie Harrison (639-317-8104) - Registered Professional Counsellor; Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling; Program Manager of Legacy Ridge


Open letter from Archbishop Donald Bolen to all those who have been wounded by the effects of clergy sexual abuse within the Archdiocese of Regina.


2019 update of policy and procedure for reports of sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults by clergy or persons in a religious order


Document from the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding protecting minors from sexual abuse.