Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to wear a mask at Holy Child Parish?  Currently, although we are encouraged to wear masks when in a public building, we are not required to wear a mask unless we are unable to maintain physical distancing. 


Why don't we make everyone wear a mask?  Although the use of masks is encouraged, currently the SHA does not require us to wear a mask if we are able to maintain physical distancing.  Presently, many of our parishioners who attend Mass on a regular basis are not comfortable wearing a mask.  Over time, many of our parishioners will become more comfortable with the use of masks; however, that will take time and we ask people to practice patience and understanding.  If the SHA regulations change to require masks to be used, then we will implement the adjustment at that time.


When can we sing at Mass?  Congregational singing will be allowed when everyone is required to wear a mask while maintaining physical distancing.


When will we start celebrating Saturday night Mass?  We will start celebrating Saturday night Mass when there is sufficient need to do so.  Presently, two Masses on Sunday morning are more than sufficient.  We will be evaluating the need on a regular basis, and we are looking at the possibility of adding a Saturday night Mass (in the hall chapel) in mid-November if there is sufficient need.  The time for the Saturday night Mass has not yet been determined; however, it will probably be 5 p.m. (instead of 7 p.m.) to make it easier and safer for people to attend, especially during winter.   


If a Saturday night Mass is added, could we require everyone to wear a mask at that Mass so that we could have congregational singing?  That would be possible, and because it would be an additional Mass, it would be easier to implement.  Those who do not like wearing a mask could easily attend one of the two Sunday morning Masses.