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Frequently Asked Questions


Do we have to wear a mask at Holy Child Parish?  Yes.  In accordance with the directives of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, masks are now required when attending church in Regina.


When can we sing at Mass?  Presently, congregational singing is strongly discouraged by the SHA.  Although choir members may sing, it should be noted that choir members must wear masks, be at least 3-meters apart from each other (unless they are part of the same household), not share microphones, and they must be at least 4-meters apart from the congregation.


Since we can sing at Mass while wearing masks, why are we limiting the singing when the SHA doesn't forbid it?  The SHA Guidelines for Places of Worship indicate that singing is considered a high-risk activity during this pandemic.  Therefore, we will be limiting the amount of singing to help create an environment that is as safe as possible. 


When will we start celebrating Saturday night Mass?  We will start celebrating Saturday night Mass when there is sufficient need to do so.  We will be evaluating the need on a regular basis.  If we add a Saturday night Mass, then the time will be 5 p.m. to make it easier and safer for people to attend, especially during winter.