Confirmation and First Communion


Contact Parish Office to register.


Video from Archdiocese of Regina on Confirmation and First Eucharist. 


Explanation of Confirmation - for children


Explanation of the Holy Spirit - for children


Explanation of the Eucharist - by children



Sessions at Holy Child Parish

Session 1:  "Called by Name" 


Enrollment of Candidates at a Mass


Session 2 - "Sealed with the Spirit"


Session 3 - "Come"


Session 4 - "Listen"


Session 5 - "Do"


Retreat:  to be determined, approximately one week before the celebration.


Celebration of Confirmation/First Eucharist:  to be set by Archbishop's office.


Session 6 - "Go" - as this is a short session of 'sending forth', it will take place directly after any of the parish Masses the weekend after the celebration.